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Ballyclare can supply all your workwear, whether you are in the market for high visibility clothes, waterproofs or PPE items. 

We design, manufacture and supply a huge range of work clothing, including industry-specific items such as automotive work clothes, emergency services uniforms, firefighter suits, clothes for chefs, industrial workwear, military clothing, rail wear, protective clothing and high vis clothing.

Your safety is our business, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of PPE, safety clothing items and hi viz clothes.

Our industrial work clothing ranges for the rail, construction, aggregates industries include the highest-quality flame-retardant clothing, including coveralls, trousers and work jackets. These anti-static, flame-retardant, arc-protection items are tough enough to cope with even the most difficult of environments.

We specialise in the manufacture of waterproof and hi visibility clothing combinations. Every item is made from the highest-quality and most up-to-date materials, offering superior breathability, performance and visibility.

Our waterproof workwear is available in orange, to railway standards RIS-3279-TOM, or yellow and is suitable for use within all industries, and many of the items are created using GORE-TEX to offer the ultimate in weather protection.

Our general work clothing collection has been produced to offer durable, practical and comfortable clothing solutions for workers in a multitude of industries, and we are also specialists in the provision of job-specific PPE clothing and industrial work clothes such as firefighting suits, ambulance uniforms, hi vis police clothing and work clothes aimed at the oil, gas and power industries.

We only produce and supply the highest-quality products and services and stock items from some of the biggest names in the industrial clothing and protective fabric worlds.


The brands and materials featured in our range include GORE-TEX, GORE-TEX PYRAD®, GORE® PARALLON™, PBI, NOMEX and Pioner®. We also supply workwear with a variety of company and organisational branding, including Network Rail and the Environment Agency, and a range of big companies within the automotive industry. These include Vauxhall, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Lexus, BMW and Iveco.

Along with general and job-specific work clothing, we also offer a wide selection of base layers, underwear and footwear.

Our base layers are designed to regulate body temperature, preventing too much heat loss in cold weather and overheating in warmer conditions. The range features GORE WINDSTOPPER® underwear to help prevent muscle cramps and keep wearers comfortable in cold weather.

If you are searching for a new pair of work boots, Ballyclare is the place to look. Every item in our footwear range offers superior comfort and outstanding durability.

The range includes safety boots, welder’s boots and combat boots, which all boast a range of protective features. These range from shock-absorbing and anti-slip capabilities to steel-toe-capped choices for safety. Many styles are available in either high or low styles, and some feature a comfortable GORE-TEX lining for added protection.

We are a trusted producer of structural and specialist firefighting kit and protective clothing as well as supplying managed services encompassing garment supply, leasing, repair and laundering. We support fire fighters in the UK and across Europe with their firefighter uniforms and PPE requirements.

Whatever items you choose, from whichever range within our vast work clothes and footwear collection, you can be assured of the highest possible quality at the best possible prices. Add to this an unbeatable standard of customer service, and it is easy to see why our customers return time and time again.