Police & Public Order Clothing


We have been designing and manufacturing specialist public order protective clothing for police forces, HM Prisons and private security companies for over 30 years, wherever complete comfort and reliable protection are critical. We supply only the highest quality and most hardwearing protective clothing for teams in dangerous and violent situations. We work with the MoJ and HM Prisons to develop the safest, most long-lasting and comfortable public order clothing on the market and are constantly developing solutions to ensure the best products possible are available for men and women. We have chosen a few garments from our police clothing and public order riot suits range to highlight our years of knowledge and expertise working with this highly specialised sector.

Public Order Protective Clothing


Our most recent innovation has seen us develop police public order clothing that doesn't require the wearer to wear flame retardant base layers. This makes it easier for wearers and unit commanders to ensure their teams are fully compliant and safe at all times. Our design team looked at situations where protective clothing is worn and gathered feedback from wearers. This combined information was used to create new generation garments and manufacture to the latest ergonomic design. Our public protective clothing is specified by the Ministry of Justice and Her Majesty's Prison Service. Worn by men and women across the UK in extreme and dangerous public order situations. Our specialist police and prison garments offer exceedingly high levels of protection conforming to BS7971-10 'Protective clothing and equipment for use in violent situations and in training' and are C.A.S.T approved.

Throughout the UK our two-piece public order suits and coveralls provide protection from flame and fire while being adjustable and comfortable for the wearer. Our designs are based on the wearer's needs so when they are called into action they only have to concentrate on the job in hand. Public order clothing is designed and sized to be worn so trapped air between the layers of material also provides protection from heat allowing limb and body protectors to be worn under the outer layer and over base layers.

Our latest designs use 100% aramid with mod acrylic 290g fabric that conforms to the British Standard BS 7971-10:2014 (including C1) and protects from flame, fire and chemical splash. These garments are designed to be worn as an ensemble without the need for protective flame retardant base layers.



Any high performance FR protective clothing must be worn in conjunction with flame retardant base layers, or underwear. This extra layer provides additional protection and ensures the complete ensemble conforms to relevant safety standards.

Our flame retardant base layers are manufactured in a 58% PROTEX® / 39% cotton / 3% elastane 200g fabric. Thumb loops in the sleeves of the tops help the sleeves remain in place and keep the protective properties. Both the male and female fit long sleeve t-shirts and leggings conform to BS 7971-10:2004 when worn together and in conjunction with approved FR Outer garments and can be worn in violent situations and in training.

External public disorder situations often also call for high visibility vests to be worn as identifiers. Our flame retardant hi vis vests can be worn over the public order jackets and have hook and loop patches for service and rank markings. In violent situations and dangerous environments we’re with you.

In violent situations and dangerous environments we’re with you.

Flame Retardant Base Layers and Hi Vis Vests
High Visibility Police Clothing


Our hi vis waterproof clothing is worn by police officers across the UK. We work with procurement teams and wearers to design protective clothing that is fit for purpose and comfortable for the wearer during long, arduous shifts.

We have years of experience manufacturing highly technical hi visibility workwear for many industries from the rail sector to the utilities industry. We combine this knowledge with our understanding of officers requirements to design protective waterproof clothing for the police and other emergency services.

By combining practical design features such as front storm guards, anti-wicking cuffs, pockets with storm flaps, reflective tape, radio clips, elasticated waists and adjustable cuffs our high viz garments are designed for practicality and comfort.

Specified with certainty; worn with confidence. 


With years of experience equipping public order officers with protective clothing, Ballyclare Limited is one of the UK’s most well-known and widely respected producers of police uniforms. As one of the country’s foremost manufacturers of Ministry of Justice clothing, we are trusted to supply only the highest quality and most hardwearing specialist garments to men and women serving in dangerous and violent situations. We have worked with the MoJ to develop the safest, most long-lasting and comfortable police protective clothing on the market. We take immense pride in protecting the country’s police forces and relish what it means to have earned their trust.

At Ballyclare, we put all our police uniforms and protective clothing through their paces with rigorous testing, ensuring they meet HMP requirements and match the high standards we set for ourselves as a company. After decades supplying clothing to the police, prison service and armed forces, we can say with confidence we are one of the nation’s most trusted and respected manufacturers of protective clothing. Every garment we design and create is made with the utmost care, which means when you work with us, you can do so safe in the knowledge you’re purchasing the highest-quality, safest protective police and public order clothing available.