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At Ballyclare we like to ensure we can provide a full 360° service for your organisation, not just supplying the protective clothing you need to wear. Whether it's providing an after care service for your workwear and protective clothing, a complete full managed service that includes the provision of kit and after care service or by adding personalisation to your workwear and PPE to help provide a smart corporate look. For all your workwear and firefighter clothing requirements you can trust Ballyclare to be able to offer you the best support solution for your organisation and teams. Whatever level you need from a managed after care service, a complete full managed service or how to wash and care for your garments, we're here to support you. 


Clean and properly maintained PPE is essential to retain their protective attributes, their effectiveness and proper functioning to keep you and your teams safe and extending the lifespan of the workwear. 

Working with laundry partners we train their operatives to ensure your workwear and firefighter clothing always gets the best after care available. Our business process and systems are tightly integrated with those of our partners to enable us to provide a seamless service encompassing cleaning, inspection, repair and delivery/collection of PPE. From collection to delivery and laundry to repair and everything in between to make sure your workwear and firefighter clothing gets the best after care available. 

In addition, our end of life process for firefighter clothing supports the International Fire & Rescue Association charity. For the past ten years Ballyclare has been one of IFRAs biggest donors, donating end of contract condemned kit from tunics and leggings to boots and gloves to fire services across the world. Ballyclare is proud to help keep firefighters safe and to reduce landfill waste at the same time. 



Your garments are collected from an agreed site or sites on an agreed date. 


To keep an electronic record of garment maintenance each garment is scanned into the system, recording the garments throughout the process. This information is held on record and if required, can be accessed at a later date.


All garments are washed to a specific care programme depending on garment requirements. Water repellent chemicals help dry garments quicker when in action. Wash cycles and chemicals also clean oil spills, asbestos, COVID-19, bodily fluids and much more. Each wash is electronically recorded and when a garment approaches its end of life service time it is flagged. 

4. DRY

Bespoke drying times and methods are chosen in accordance to garment and customer requirements.


Each garment is subject to a multi-point inspection plan to asses garments suitability for continued service.


Repairs are made using original components. Repair teams are trained in specialised PPE garments and train with the manufacturer to ensure we are maintaining the highest standard of garment. Each repair is also electronically recorded.


Garments are packaged, scanned and delivered back to the customer.


If your organisation needs additional services, our complete managed service option provides a turnkey solution that takes safety to a new level and ensures customers are equipped with garments that are fit-for-purpose at all times. The service covers all aspects of testing, sizing, fitting and supplying personnel with the correct garments. Throughout the service life of each item of clothing, working with trusted partners, we take care of its laundry, maintenance and repair. They can provide a local stock holding facility to ensure safety clothing can be supplied quickly and if required we offer a rapid response service with a 24/7 emergency hotline.

With our tried and tested IT system we can provide RFID track and trace facilities over the full life of a garment. All this data is accessible to our customers through our online system that enables self-management of accounts and PPE requirements. Our system is securely linked with the Ballyclare IT infrastructure giving customers the ability to access up to date information as well as providing a direct link to our support team.



Agreeing a product specification is the first stage and only happens after in-depth consultation with each client. Ballyclare then sources materials to specification and conducts field tests to determine fitness for purpose.


Safety in extreme conditions demands critical quality control procedures and manufacturing disciplines. Ballyclare excels with this requirement.


Ballyclare’s managed service is a bespoke service. Each user is individually measured for each item of safety clothing and PPE equipment. This guarantees a completely fitted service.


For each user Ballyclare creates a personal pack within its warehouse to ensure that each wearer receives a complete set of fitted items.


Ballyclare’s logistical operation includes state-of-the-art storage and distribution is available using its own vehicles.


Each and every item of PPE is barcoded. This provides a complete audit trail throughout its life in line with European Health and Safety Directives. The in-service support programme enables Ballyclare to monitor the on-going performance of products in the field.


Ballyclare’s complete full managed service also includes our after care services, the collection and laundering of soiled clothing.


Each item is subjected to a multi-point inspection plan before being assessed as suitable for continued service. Repairs are undertaken as necessary by our experienced team.


After all safety checks and repairs are completed, Ballyclare returns the garments back for use to each individual wearer.


Stringent quality control measures are in place to guarantee life-long performance and items are inspected before they leave the manufacturing facility. Ballyclare is fully accredited with Module D for the manufacture of complex PPE.


If you are a small business or individual you may feel our managed services are not relevant to you. At Ballyclare we want to ensure our customers are safe and protected at work whatever level of support you require. We have developed a comprehensive garment care and washing guide so you can keep your workwear conformant to the relevant PPE safety standards even if you don't use a laundry service.

Care and cleaning of high visibility, waterproof and flame retardant garments is essential to ensure they retain their protective and high visibility properties and remain conformant to the EN ISO 20471 hi vis, BS EN  343 waterproof and BS EN ISO 11612 flame retardant standards. Workwear that is unclean is unsafe, uneconomical and ultimately unlawful. Care and cleaning of your garment will ensure you stay safe, clean and legal.

Follow our comprehensive guide for washing and care advice for your workwear and protective clothing.


Putting your logo on your workwear makes your employees stand out and raises your profile. It says you're proud of who you are and what you do. Your Ballyclare workwear keeps you safe and protected at all times; but we can do more to make your clothing stand out. We have a range of options to really add value to your corporate look.

You love your Ballyclare workwear and trust it to keep you safe and protected at all times; but we can do more to make your clothing really stand out.  Why not add your logo, individuals’ names or job titles?  We have a range of options to really add value to your corporate look. Putting your logo on your workwear makes your employees stand out and raises your profile. It says you're proud of who you are and what you do.

We offer both a heat sealing and embroidery service that can be applied to many of the workwear we offer:


Heat sealing provides a durable option for branding clothing, it is hard-wearing and can be washed industrially. For waterproof workwear where fabric integrity is essential, heat sealing ensures your protective clothing remains waterproof while maintaining your corporate image. All you need to do is send us an electronic file of your logo and we’ll do the rest.


For polycotton workwear such as polo shirts, fleeces and hoodies embroidery is the perfect option and can be applied to many areas of clothing. We, of course, offer flame retardant embroidery for specialist protective garments that are exposed to fire and heat. Your logo is applied via a computer system for complete control, ensuring precision and quality in every stitch. Embroidery can include logos and wearer names for an extra personal touch.

Whether you opt for heat sealing or embroidery, set up fees are often free of charge or minimal cost and short lead–times mean you’re not waiting long for your workwear.