Our Workwear Sales Team

We would like to introduce Ballyclare’s Workwear Division Sales Team. Our sales structure has been developed to accommodate the growing product development and demand from our distributor and contract partners. Always at the forefront of innovation our Ballyclare and Pioner® workwear brands and GORE-TEX Product ranges demonstrate continued investment as well as maintaining high quality products and services.

Our team has considerable industry knowledge and expertise and many years of experience working with both end users and distributors.


Andrew Buckley, Business Development Manager, has 34 years commercial experience within the textile industry and has worked in production, purchasing and sales. His breadth of expertise means Andrew is able to fully understand customer needs, evolving and developing protective clothing solutions for them. Having worked within the Ballyclare group for 16 years Andrew has an in-depth knowledge of the business and specialising the automotive, police, ambulance and Ministry of Justice sectors. Tel: +44 (0)7595 414 282 or email: andrew.buckley@ballyclarelimited.com

If you'd like to contact the UK Ballyclare team with a general enquiry please email customerservices@ballyclarelimited.com

The Netherlands

Dick Gesthuizen, Senior Account Manager. Dick started his career as a sales representative in 1982. Over the past decades, Dick’s experience varies from developing the bigger end users like AKZO and DHL to managing laundry companies and technical wholesalers. Dick is well known within the Dutch workwear and textile business and has built good, solid relationships with all his customers. Due to the development of the new Ballyclare collections like Capture, 365 and ProTec and the new international catalogue, Dick is looking forward to the successful future that lies ahead. Tel: +31 (0)651319036 or email: D.Gesthuizen@ballyclarelimited.com

Roy Titulaer, Senior Account Manager for workwear and healthcare for distributors in the northern part of the Netherlands. He is also responsible for some end users in the healthcare business, hospitals and private clinics. Roy started his career at KLM Clothing in 1991 as Head Customer Services. Until 2011 he had several jobs within KLM Clothing (Kwintet Group) including Project Manager and tender business, Product Manager at Wenaas and Account Manager at Healthcare Lonneker. With his experience you can trust Roy to always work in the best interests of the customer as well as Ballyclare's. Tel: +31 (0)612235092 or email: R.Titulaer@ballyclarelimited.com

If you'd like to contact the Dutch Ballyclare team with a general enquiry please email salesnl@ballyclarelimited.com


Leticia de Villarreal, Operations & Sales Director. Leticia has been with Ballyclare for five years and has 20 years in the retail & distribution markets. Two of those years, Leticia worked in France as part of an international team and for two years she was a Regional Manager, responsible for around 100 shops across Spain. Using her wide experience of working with Key Account Customers in different sectors and markets she is well placed to be able offer the best support and experience for you and your teams. Email: Leticia.Villarreal@ballyclarelimited.com

Fernando Sanchez, Key Account Manager. Fernando has worked at Ballyclare for six years. Fernando uses his years of experience working with customers to prepare and submit workwear and PPE tenders. Before working with Ballyclare in was a Key Account Manager at El Corte Inglés (ECI), in the Public Administration & Business Department in the Technical Department. ECI is one of the biggest distribution companies in Spain and Fernando specialised in government tenders within the Police & Fire market.  Email: Fernando.Sanchez@ballyclarelimited.com

If you'd like to contact the Spanish Ballyclare team with a general enquiry please email hola@ballyclarelimited.com

Our Fire Sales Team

Please meet Ballyclare’s Fire Sales Team. Our sales structure has been developed to accommodate our international presence and customers in fire and rescue services across the UK, Europe and the world along with our distributor partners.

Our team has a huge amount of industry knowledge and expertise and many years of experience working both within fire services, with fire services and with our wide network of international distributors.

Karin Klein Hesselink, Head of Product and Certification and End Use Market Manager for Benelux. As a textile engineer, she developed into a specialist in protective fabrics and garments with the aim to offer the end user the best protection and support during their daily jobs. As chairperson of the Dutch Standardization committee for Protective Clothing, she is international involved in many EN and ISO standards and enjoys bringing networks together to improve the industry for end users benefits. With more than 12 years of experience in firefighter protective clothing, she consults national and international Fire and Rescue Services on innovations in our industry. Tel: +31 611359226 or email:karin.kleinhesselink@ballyclarelimited.com

Christine Gebhard, Sales and Branch Director in Hamburg. She has been working in sales and marketing for more than 30 years. In the course of her professional development, she has been able to devote herself intensively to the topics of key account management, market and brand development at BASF and others. She has been managing our branch and shop in Hamburg for more than 3 years. She mainly develops customer service and process optimisation in the national and international area. Tel: +49 (171) 103 93 79 or email christine.gebhard@ballyclarelimited.com

International Sales Team (Outside UK) Contact: service@ballyclarelimited.com