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Ballyclare has been keeping workers safe, comfortable and protected for well over a 100 years – building a reputation as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of workwear and protective clothing suppliers. We are a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality, functional workwear, protective clothing and specialist PPE. We are a trusted producer of structural and specialist firefighting kit and protective clothing for the emergency services and armed forces. 

We combine the most traditional of manufacturing attributes, the most innovative thinking, the very latest and best quality fabrics and cutting-edge production techniques to create ranges that provide outstanding protection and the ultimate in shift-long comfort. We can provide Managed After Care, a 360° service for your organisation by partnering with high quality managed and laundry service providers. By combining our knowledge and experience garnered across different sectors, you can trust us to offer you the best protective workwear and after care service available – whether it’s for just one jacket or to equip your entire workforce.

Our mission statement - trust, protection and innovation - is at the heart of everything we do.

We have offices and distribution centres in the UK, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, for contact details see our Contact Us page.


  • We believe in Trust. Protection. Innovation.
  • We design our garments from scratch
  • We operate to the highest standards
  • We work with the best suppliers
  • Our 'IT' is state-of-the-art

  • We have an in-house embroidery and badging facility
  • We have fully scalable manufacturing capabilities
  • We have our own manufacturing facility
  • We have two National Distribution Centres, one in the UK and one in the Netherlands
  • We have dedicated customer service teams across the UK and Europe.


The Ballyclare ranges have been designed and manufactured to the highest required standards. We have used all our years of experience and knowledge, working with industry leading customers to offer the best range possible. Our Ballyclare workwear and protective clothing is designed with the wearer in mind and is all industrially launderable to provide you with the best option to kit out your teams. 

We pride ourselves on manufacturing all our workwear so it achieves our mission statement - Trust. Protection. Innovation. You can trust Ballyclare workwear and protective clothing to protect your team to all the relevant safety standards. 

365 Workwear

The new 365 Workwear collection by Ballyclare is functional, everyday wear for both men & women. No matter how tough the job is, whether it is summer or winter, rain or shine, 365 days of the year, it delivers. All products are ergonomically designed to allow freedom of movement. Incorporating flexibility, style, & comfort. We have included all the latest technology & fabrics to ensure the wearer can truly work in style.

Arc Flash Protective Clothing

By combining our heritage & experience of manufacturing highly technical protective clothing for firefighters & public order officers, with innovative thinking & the very latest and best quality fabrics we have created the hi vis arc flash multi-hazard protective clothing range. A range that is designed to provide outstanding protection in dangerous, flammable or explosive conditions such as on-site, lineside or power generation sites.

Pioner Flame Retardant Clothing

Ballyclare manufactures & supplies the Pionér® brand. Pioner® by Ballyclare is a trusted name in specialist heat-resistant, flame-retardant workwear. The garments offer excellent comfort & protection, making them highly suitable for on & offshore high risk environments where there is a risk of flash fire. We combine the most traditional of manufacturing attributes using the very best quality materials available. 

XENON Firefighter Clothing

Our firefighter kit, whether it's structural firefighter suits, multi-function rescue jackets or our layered solutions uses advanced technologies & fabrics and provides a real revolution rather than an evolution in fire kit. We've closed the door on old existing technologies, & instead we've adopted a brand-new approach to creating multi-layered, multi-functional structural firefighting clothing - the very best protection available.

Haen Healthcare

For our Dutch distributors and resellers we have the complete Haen healthcare collection. With the Ballyclare Haen collection you'll find accent colours, great tailored fits & bold collars to give the clothes a modern look. Striking & functional designs are reflected in all our styles to offer innovative, timeless, function & high-quality garments.


Ballyclare has the experience of dealing with very large and demanding customers across the UK, Europe and the world. The products we've supplied have ranged from the simplest of PPE workwear products like hi vis vests and boots, all the way up to highly technical and complex flying garments for pilots and firefighting suits.

Organisations such as Network Rail, Transport for London, Hanson UK, Mercedes-Benz, police forces in the UK and Spain and Her Majesty’s Prisons along with the UK Ministry of Defence and Federal Ministry of Defence (BMVg) in Germany trust the safety of their employees to Ballyclare.

We protect firefighters in the UK including the North West and All Wales, Feuerwehr Hamburg in Germany, IJsselland Fire Department in the Netherlands and fire services across Poland and Spain. In fact, whether you represent a national government, a multi-national giant, a family-owned contractor or work for yourself and like our workwear, it’s you we answer to.

Who Ballyclare Works With Across the UK and Europe