Ballyclare Limited’s workwear, protective clothing, and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is approved to the requisite national and international safety standards governing performance and quality of manufacture. We take our customers safety is of the utmost importance to us and you can rest assured our workwear and protective clothing will help keep you safer while at work. Want to read up more on the European standards/regulations that we adhere to? Click here.







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Under the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment (PPE), Module D is an externally-audited accreditation and ‘System for ensuring quality of production by means of monitoring’ and relates to the consistent and compliant manufacture of complex (“life saving”) PPE.

     en343        Protective clothing - protection against rain. Read more about BS EN343 here.
BS20EN20471   BS EN20471 logo   High visibility warning clothing for professional use - test methods and requirements.
EN471   EN471   High visibility clothing. Read more about EN471 here.
203279   RIS-3279   Railway Group Standard RIS-3279-TOM has replaced GO/RT 3279. All Ballyclare garments which conform to GO/RT 3279 also comply to the new standard.
116112007 Grey   116112007   Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes. Read more about EN ISO 11611 here.
11612 grey   11612 Logo   Protective clothing - to protect against heat and flame. Read more about BS EN ISO 11612 here.
EN ISO 14116   EN ISO 14116   Protection against flame – Limited flame spread. Clothing that can make brief contact with small flames. The standard is only intended for protection against flames, not against other forms of heat.
201149   BS EN1149   Protective clothing. Electrostatic properties - material performance and design requirements.
EN 1149-5   EN 1149-5   Protective clothing with electrostatic properties. Read more about EN 1149-5 here.
EN13034   EN13034   Protective clothing against liquid chemicals.
    Protective clothing for limited protection against liquid chemicals. Read more about EN 13034 here.
61482   61482    Protective clothing against thermal arc hazards of an electric arc.
EN ISO 61482-1-2  

  Protective clothing with protection against the thermal hazards of an electric arc (Box-test method). Read more about BS EN ISO 61482-1-2 here.
EN ISO 61482-1-2     Protective clothing with protection against the thermal hazards of an electric arc (Open Arc method). Read more about EN IEC 61482-1- here.
Arcing Logo   61482-1   Protection against electric arc - test methods.
Arcing Logo   IEC2061482-1-1   Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc - open arc testing.
Arcing Logo   61482-1-2   Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc - box test method.
Firefighter Logo     Protective clothing for firefighters - Laboratory test methods and performance requirements for
Wildland clothing.
Firefighter logo     Protective clothing for firefighters - performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighting.
Firefighter Logo   EN139112004   Protective clothing for firefighters - requirements
and test methods for fire hoods for firefighters.
Firefighter logo   EN659   Protective gloves for firefighters.
Firefighter logo     Footwear for firefighters.
    BS EN ISO 13688   Specifies general performance requirements for ergonomics,
innocuousness, size designation, ageing, compatibility and
marking of protective clothing.
    BS EN 340:2003   Protective Clothing - General requirements.
    EN 14360   Protective clothing against rain. Test method for garments.
    ISO 13506   Protective clothing against heat and flame.
Prediction of burn injury using an instrumented manikin.
Not a standard but an informative test method.

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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