Workwear Clothing: 365 Workwear, Capture Identity, Capture Protective, Classics D15, Classics Protective, Basics, Food and Haen

For our Dutch distributors and resellers we have the complete range of 365 Workwear, Capture Identity, Capture Protection, Capture Quality, Classics Protective, Classics D15, Basics workwear and food clothing in one place. Here you can find the full range that can be ordered from our Doetinchem site.

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Ballyclare workwear is as comfortable as it is functional and durable, meeting the highest requirements. Our workwear clothing is wear resistant, colourfast, designed for continuous use and can often be industrially laundered. Our brand new 365 Workwear collection is everyday wear for both men and women. No matter how tough the job is, whether it is summer or winter, rain or shine, 365 days of the year, it delivers. The Capture Identity and Capture Protective work wear range has been chosen to provide options from work jackets and t-shirts to cargo trousers and coveralls. Designed to mix and match, our workwear and food clothing range, combined with our basics, classics D15 and classics protective multi hazard clothing range, suits all job roles making it the perfect match for every professional. Our Capture Protective and Classics Protective clothing range keeps you safe and protected at work and enables you to present a consistent image to your customers. We work with several large customers and supply them with a full range of workwear coveralls, work jackets and work trousers.


365 Workwear Winter Waterproof Jacket with Detachable Hood

£68.96 ex. vat


365 Workwear Windproof Water Repellent Softshell Jacket with Hood

£47.79 ex. vat


365 Workwear Hybrid Softshell Jacket with Hood

£39.17 ex. vat


365 Workwear Hard-wearing Fleece Jacket

£29.10 ex. vat


365 Workwear Hard-wearing Hoodie with CORDURA®

£34.85 ex. vat


365 Workwear Moisture Management Polo Shirt

£17.61 ex. vat


365 Workwear Moisture Management T-Shirt

£12.90 ex. vat


365 Workwear Stretch Trouser with CORDURA®

£41.64 ex. vat


365 Workwear Lightweight Trouser with CORDURA®

£39.17 ex. vat


365 Workwear Hard-wearing Trouser with CORDURA®

£44.52 ex. vat


Capture Identity Duo Jacket 'Anthony'


Capture Identity Jacket 'Troy'


Capture Identity Duo Jacket 'Demitri'


Capture Quality Trouser 'Daniel'


Capture Quality Trouser with Extra Pocket 'Roger'


Capture Identity Duo Coverall 'David'


Capture Identity Duo Trouser 'Bradley'


Capture Identity Duo Trouser 'Emanuel'


Capture Identity Trouser 'Joshua'


Capture Identity Trouser 'Danny'


Capture Identity Shorts 'Andrew'


Capture Identity Duo Bib and Brace 'Russell'


Capture Identity Duo Polo Shirt 'Aaron'


Capture Identity Duo T-Shirt 'Vincent'


Capture Identity Duo Sweater 'Ronald'


Capture Identity Duo Polosweater 'Joe'


Capture Protective Multi Protect HV Overall 'Matthew'


Capture Protective Multi Protect HV Jacket 'James'


Capture Protective Multi Protect HV Trouser 'Florian'


Capture Protective Multi Protect HV Salopette 'Philip'


Classics Protective Multi Protect Classic Coverall 'Ulm'


Capture Protective Multi Hazard Duo Overall 'Patrick'


Capture Protective Multi Protect Duo Bib & Brace 'Ian'


Capture Protective Multi Protect Overall 'Logan'


Capture Protective Multi Hazard Duo Jacket 'Shane'


Capture Protective Multi Hazard Duo Trouser 'John'


Basics Coverall 'Oxford'


Basics Coverall 'London'


Basics Coverall 'Glasgow'


Basics Jacket 'Swindon'


Basics Jacket 'Luton'


Basics Trouser 'Norwich'


Basics Work Trouser 'Leeds'


Basics Bib and Brace Coverall 'Dundee'


Basics Bib and Brace 'Bristol'


Classics Protective Protect FR Coverall 'Reutlingen'


Classics D15 Duo Sleeveless Coverall 'Berlin'


Classics D15 Duo Coverall 'Stuttgart'


Classics D15 Coverall 'Keulen'


Classics Protective Multi Hazard Coverall 'Bielefeld'


Classics Dust Cost 'Duisburg'


Classics D15 Duo Jacket 'Essen'


Classics D15 Duo Trouser 'Dresden'


Classics Protective Multi Hazard Jacket 'Mannheim'


Classics D15 Trouser 'Bremen'


Classics Protective Multi Hazard Trouser 'Krefeld'


Classics D15 Duo Bib and Brace 'Leipzig'


Classics Protective Multi Hazard Bib and Brace 'Aken'


Classics D15 Outdoor Jacket 'Moers'


Food Low Care Coverall 'Antwerpen'


Food Medium Care Long Coat with Cuffs 'Gent'


Food High Care Long Coat with Cuffs 'Leuven'


Food Low Care Long Coat 'Luik'


Food Low Care Jacket 'Brugge'


Food High Care Coat with Cuffs 'Genk'


Food Medium Care Trouser with Cuffs 'Bilzen'


Food Low Care Trouser 'Aalst'


Food High Care Jogging Trouser 'Oostende'


Food Medium Care Polo Shirt 'Bree'

Ballyclare offers a wide range of highly technical, quality workwear clothing for all professions. This range of workwear clothing is designed to be comfortable, durable and highly functional, offering safety and protection to workers whilst offering a smart and consistent brand image to customers.

A comprehensive workwear range

The workwear range includes options for male and female staff, and includes work jackets, work trousers, workwear coveralls, shirts, fleeces and other essential work clothes. Every item is available in a range of sizes, finishes and colours and has the option for custom branding according to corporate needs. We offer high-quality embroidery logo options and heat-sealed personalisation for durability and a remarkable finish.

About our work clothes

We are professionals. Driven by innovation and the will to make a difference. And we are proud. Proud of the high quality of our workwear.

We work together with our customers with a down-to-earth view and honest attitude.

We are always looking for the most suitable solutions and deliver custom work where necessary.

Ballyclare workwear produces workwear that offers functionality and safety and breathes style and comfort.

And that is exactly what we mean by "the perfect match for every professional".

365 Workwear

Our brand new 365 Workwear collection is functional, comfortable and durable. It's made for everyone and everyday wear, look good, stay protected with 365 Workwear. All products are designed with the wearer in mind to allow freedom of movement no matter what your job requires. To incorporate the three key elements, flexibility, style, and comfort we ensured we utilised all the latest technology and fabrics so you can work in style.

Capture collection

We all have requirements that work clothing must meet. Hard-wearing, unique in design, good fit, ergonomic pockets and indispensable details. The Ballyclare CAPTURE Identity and CAPTURE Protective collections combine all those qualities. A collection of style, comfort, functionality and safety. With dimensions according to European standard. The clothing of the different lines within the CAPTURE collection can be mixed; CAPTURE IDENTITY, CAPTURE PROTECTIVE.

Classics collection

Top quality with indispensable details. The Ballyclare Classics stand for top quality with indispensable details and are industrially washable. The renowned Classics D15 line with its characteristic design in polyester / cotton and an extensive line of protective workwear that meets European safety standards. Also a line in cotton satin for extra wearing comfort and the dust coats are also present; CLASSICS D15, CLASSICS PROTECTIVE.

Basics collection

High quality without frills. The Ballyclare Basics is a specially selected workwear collection in various qualities with only the most fundamental functionalities that you can expect from workwear. For high quality without frills, Ballyclare Basics offers the right clothing items. Ballyclare Basics are industrially washable.

Food collection

The right clothing for every business process. The Ballyclare Food collection contains the right elements to meet HACCP guidelines within the food and food industry. The division into low, medium and high care gives the opportunity to select the right clothing for the business processes. To meet the high hygiene requirements, Ballyclare Food is of course suitable for frequent industrial cleaning.

Great prices

Our range of work wear clothes is priced extremely competitively and offers excellent value for business customers, especially at the level of quality on offer. We provide bulk discounts on our workwear clothing and a range of services to suit the diverse needs of business and ensure that their staff is equipped with the full range of workwear and work uniforms that they need to perform their roles to the best of their ability.

Why choose us

Ballyclare offers innovative design with quality credentials and an ethical business model. We are tried and tested European suppliers of specialist kit for a range of industries including firefighter suits and clothing for the armed forces and emergency services. Our customers return to us because of our quality ethos and end-to-end design process, which produces workwear specifically tailored to meet the rigorous needs of industry. We work with the best quality and most reputable suppliers, invest in the best IT systems, and deliver superb customer service.

Additional services

In addition to work wear essentials, we offer laundry, repair and garment leasing services to our corporate customers. Our distribution centre has national scale and we offer facilities for badging and embroidery alongside our work clothing ranges so that businesses can fully brand up their employees' workwear and achieve necessary recognition when out on the job.

Get in touch

Our customer services team is on hand to help with any queries that you might have and can help you to find the workwear and protective clothing that you need for your workforce. 

Over onze werkkleding

Wij zijn vakmensen. Gedreven door innovatie en de wil om het verschil te maken. En we zijn trots.

Trots op de hoogwaardige kwaliteit van onze werkkleding.

Met een nuchtere blik en eerlijke instelling werken wij samen met onze klanten.

Wij zijn altijd op zoek naar de best passende oplossingen en leveren maatwerk waar nodig.

Ballyclare workwear produceert werkkleding die functionaliteit en veiligheid biedt en stijl en comfort ademt.

En dat is precies wat wij bedoelen met ‘voor elke professional de perfecte match’.

Capture collection

Eisen waaraan werkkleding moet voldoen hebben we allemaal. Slijtvast, uniek aan design, een goede pasvorm, ergnomische zakken en met onmisbare details. In de Ballyclare CAPTURE-collectie worden al die kwaliteiten samengevoegd. Een collectie van stijl, comfort, functionaliteit en veiligheid. Met een maatvoering volgens Europese standaard. De kleding van de verschillende lijnen binnen de CAPTURE-collectie is te mixen; CAPTURE IDENTITY, CAPTURE PROTECTIVE.

Classics collection

Top kwaliteit met onmisbare details. De Ballyclare Classics staan voor top kwaliteit met onmisbare details en zijn industrieel wasbaar. De gerenommeerde Classics D15 lijn met haar kenmerkende design in polyester/katoen en een uitgebreide lijn met protective workwear die voldoet aan de Europese veiligheidsnormen. Tevens een lijn in katoen satijn voor extra draagcomfort en ook de stofjassen ontbreken niet; CLASSICS D15, CLASSICS PROTECTIVE.

Basics collection

Hoge kwaliteit zonder opsmuk. De Ballyclare Basics is een speciaal geselecteerde workwear collectie in diverse kwaliteiten met alleen de meest fundamentele functionaliteiten die je van werkkleding mag verwachten. Voor hoge kwaliteit zonder opsmuk, biedt Ballyclare Basics de juiste kledingitems. Ballyclare Basics zijn industrieel wasbaar.

Food collection

Voor elke bedrijfsproces de juiste kleding. De Ballyclare Food collectie bevat de juiste elementen om binnen de voeding- en levensmiddelen industrie aan HACCP richtlijnen te voldoen. De verdeling in low-, medium- en high care geeft de mogelijkheid de juiste kleding bij de bedrijfsprocessen te selecteren. Om aan de hoge hygiene te voldoen is Ballyclare Food uiteraard geschikt voor veelvuldig industrieel reinigen.

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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