stay dry whatever the weather

Waterproof, hi vis industrial workwear designed by Ballyclare Limited. Every piece of workwear is made using the very best, latest materials which deliver the ultimate in waterproof performance and breathability. We supply waterproof workwear in both high visibility orange and high visibility yellow suitable for all industries. Many of our foul weather clothing range is made with GORE-TEX® Fabrics which will keep you dry no matter what the weather.


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket

£60.00 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Over Trousers

£30.00 ex. vat


DryShell Hi Vis Jacket

£29.95 ex. vat


DryShell Hi Vis Work Trousers

£22.45 ex. vat


DryShell Hi Vis Quilted Boilersuit

£95.99 ex. vat


DryShell Yellow Hi Vis Jacket

£29.95 ex. vat


DryShell Yellow Hi Vis Trouser

£22.45 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Thermal Coverall

£169.75 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Male Hi Vis Waterproof Thermal Jacket

£107.69 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Female Hi Vis Waterproof Thermal Jacket

£104.51 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket

£102.41 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Bomber Jacket

£94.26 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Male Hi Vis Waterproof Trouser

£67.76 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis 3 layer Salopettes

£102.99 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Quilted Boilersuit

£148.14 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Thermal Salopette

£99.56 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Female Hi Vis Waterproof Trouser

£67.76 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Hood

£18.50 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Anti-Static Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket

£212.58 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Anti-Static Hi Vis Waterproof Trouser

£146.40 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Anti-Static Hi Vis Waterproof Salopette

£226.43 ex. vat


Ambulance Hi Vis Bomber Jacket

£150.00 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Yellow Waterproof Hi Vis Hooded Jacket

£100.56 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Yellow Waterproof Hi Vis Trousers

£64.89 ex. vat


Hi Vis Waterproof Over Trouser

£32.03 ex. vat

At Ballyclare we stock an extensive range of high quality foul weather workwear, including waterproof workwear of all types. We are authorised retailers of automotive technician workwear for major brands including Mercedes, BMW, Vauxhall, Mini, Toyota and more.

Our product lines are regularly updated and feature the latest technologies and styles. They are compliant with all relevant industry standards and are on sale at highly competitive prices. We sell a range of waterproof work trousers and waterproof work jackets for men and women, with a range of styles and all sizes to suit, in addition to boiler suits, body warmers, coats and more. All of our garments are made from high tech fabrics including Gore-Tex for the ultimate in breathability and waterproofing. We sell hi-vis clothing to keep your workforce safe as they carry out their roles.

Why shop online at Ballyclare?

We are a British firm which designs, manufactures and distributes high quality workwear, including protective clothing, foul weather workwear, functional workwear and specialist PPE. Every item in our range is rigorously designed to ensure the highest quality, in line with the latest standards and accreditations and is repeatedly tested to ensure that it handles the most challenging work situations without fail or compromise.

We understand that the safety of your staff and customers is paramount, and our workwear solutions are designed to support your health and safety processes, and provide comfortable, functional on the job clothing solutions that deliver up-to-date technical features and protective benefits.

We are also leading providers of firefighting and structural protective clothing, and we offer garment solutions for a range of challenging industries, including the armed forces and emergency services.

We are an ethical and trusted business with years of experience in the field. You can be certain that you are dealing with knowledgeable experts and we operate according to our brand credentials of trust, protection and integrity. This ensures that we only work with the finest suppliers, use the latest and best technologies and manufacture to the most exacting standards.

We also offer full returns and managed services including garment leasing, repair and laundering if you need to organise large volume uniforms for your business. We hold a Royal Warrant for our supply of protective fire clothing, demonstrating our total commitment to quality. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and we will be happy to source the items that you need, at a price that is right for your business.

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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