Pionér® Spirit Delivers Outstanding Workwear Protection

Published: Tuesday, 6th February 2018

FRASARCCOV Pioner Flame Retardant Workwear CoverallPioner logoAs the product of over 100 years’ experience of keeping workers safe and comfortable, Pionér® protective workwear has forged an enviable reputation for the quality of its design and materials. Today, the Pionér brand offers an outstanding range of specialist flame-retardant and multinorm garments that are designed to help overcome the hazardous and challenging nature of the conditions which power generation workers face on a daily basis.


The Pionér® range is designed and manufactured byBallyclare - a British designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality, functional workwear, protective clothing and specialist personal protective equipment. With extensive experience in supplying to many different industries, Ballyclare is ideally placed to support the power generation sector where the Pionér® now range sets the standard for workwear and protective clothing.


The Pionér® garments are the result of a unique combination of cutting-edge and thoroughly proven manufacturing methods, the very best quality materials available, meticulous attention to detail and many years of industry expertise.  They are specifically designed to be worn over long periods spent working in arduous conditions, no matter whether the wearer is subjected to biting cold or stifling heat. The rugged, heat-resistant and flame-retardant nature of the garments makes then ideal for those working with heavy machinery, or in dangerous, flammable conditions, and this allows the power industry worker to create a bespoke combination of Pionér® garments which is ideally suited to their particular requirements.  


Included in the range are a variety of next-to-skin base layers, and these are complemented by a comprehensive selection of jackets, trousers, coveralls and salopettes. Garments are offered in a number of different flame retardant, anti-static, multi norm and multi protect options, and the availability of different colourways, including hi vis, allows the wearer to tailor their Pionér® protective solution to meet the demands of any specific application.

Power Generation Pioner WorkwearBallyclare places great emphasis on quality at every stage of the Pionér® design and manufacturing process, so it comes as no surprise that the range also includes garments such as coveralls, trousers and jackets which comply with the requirements of Article 11B. This externally-audited accreditation system is a requirement of the European Union Directive 89/686/EEC which covers personal protective equipment, and it involves a detailed monitoring process which ensures the consistent and compliant manufacture of complex, lifesaving PPE. This reassures customers that the Pionér® Article 11B garments have been manufactured under an approved quality-control system that requires detailed auditing of the Ballyclare’s system documentation, technical files and production sites, as well as the company’s head office and design premises.


As a Ballyclare brand, the Pionér® range is also supported by the additional services which the company offers. They can be personalised with individual logos or corporate branding, and also kept in perfect condition by Ballyclare’s managed service option. This provides a complete turnkey solution that covers all aspects of testing, sizing, fitting and supplying a customer’s workforce with the correct workwear. Ballyclare then handles all the necessary laundry, maintenance and repair requirements throughout the service life of each garment, ensuring that the customer is always able to provide their staff with the very best workwear solution available.

This article was originally published in Your Guide to Power Generation 2018

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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