FPAL Registered Supplier logoTrust in the Pionér® spirit. Off-shore or on-site, you can find yourself at the mercy of the elements, hour after hour; in biting cold or stifling heat, working with heavy machinery in dangerous, flammable conditions. It’s tough. Which is why Pionér® specialist heat-resistant, flame-retardant workwear is made to be tougher.

We are also an Achilles FPAL Registered Supplier so you can trust Pionér® to help protect your customers.

**Our Pionér® flame retardant workwear is available to purchase only through our distributor network. If you are a distributor you will see your exclusive discounted prices by logging into the site. If you are not a distributor you can still purchase Pionér® workwear from your nearest distributor. Email pioner@ballyclarelimited.com to find your nearest stockist.**


Pioner® Anti-static Arc Protection Coverall


Pioner® Riggmaster Anti-static Coverall


Pioner® Lightweight Riggmaster Coverall


Pioner® Weldmaster Anti-Static Coverall


Pioner® Weldmaster Coverall


Pioner® Riggmaster Anti-static Coverall

£24.95 ex. vat


Multi-norm Flame Retardant Coverall

£146.55 ex. vat


Pioner Hi Vis Protal® Trouser

£19.95 ex. vat


Pioner® Weldmaster Coverall

£24.95 ex. vat


Pioner® Lightweight Riggmaster Coverall

£12.95 ex. vat


Pioner® Nomex® Comfort Cargo Trouser


Pioner® Nomex® Comfort Coverall 220gm2


Pioner® Nomex® Comfort Coverall 260gm2


Pioner® Nomex® Comfort Jacket


Pioner® Nomex® Comfort Trouser


Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Anti-Static Hi Vis Waterproof Trouser

£146.40 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Anti-Static Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket

£212.58 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Anti-Arc Anti-Static Hi Vis Waterproof Salopette

£226.43 ex. vat


Multi-norm Flame Retardant Coverall

£162.45 ex. vat


Orcon Protective Multi Protect Classic Coverall 'Ulm'

£90.18 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Balaclava

£11.38 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Female Long John

£28.35 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Male Top

£30.90 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Female Top

£30.50 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Male Long John

£30.50 ex. vat


Orcon Protective Multi Protect Reflex Coverall 'Logan'

£106.95 ex. vat


Orcon Protective Multi Protect Coverall 'Matthew'

£139.18 ex. vat


Orcon Protective Multi Protect Jacket 'James'

£89.52 ex. vat


Orcon Protective Multi Protect Trouser 'Florian'

£74.39 ex. vat


Orcon Protective Multi Protect Salopette 'Philip'

£94.95 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Coverall

£51.63 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Coverall

£75.49 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Trouser

£50.53 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Jacket

£52.70 ex. vat


Flame Retardant Coverall

£90.98 ex. vat

The oil, gas and power sectors have some of the most demanding and rigorous working environments in the UK. Not only does PPE for these sectors need to provide protection against sun, wind, rain and cold, it also has to help protect the wearer against the multiple hazards in these industries.

Ballyclare is renowned for its workwear, and we have carefully selected the best products to keep operators in these environments safe, comfortable and working efficiently.

Flame retardant clothing is essential on sites where there is a high risk of fire, such as power plants and rigs. We offer Pioner’s male and female crew necked vests and long johns, which feature lightweight yet durable fabrics. The necks are close fitting for maximum protection, the vests have elasticised cuffs, and there are thumb loops to help operators get into the PPE quickly. These garments are designed for wear with flame retardant clothing on top.

There is also a flame retardant balaclava designed for use under a helmet. It has an elasticated one-piece hem to the face area for a snug fit that isn’t constricting. It also features a flexible lower-face protective panel that can be worn up or down to aid communication. The balaclava is designed to be worn with the vests. Team these components with Pioner’s coveralls in treated flame retardant fabrics for robust rig PPE.

Static build-up and potential electrical arcing are always threats in flammable or explosive environments. Rig PPE also needs to be able to cope with the potential for flash fire. Pioner’s Riggmaster clothing range, with its anti-static coveralls, meets the need for protection and comfort. Despite the risk of fire, offshore working temperatures can be extremely cold, so the Pioner Firemaster Arctic coverall has a lightweight, high-insulation lining to keep operators warm while allowing them freedom of movement.

Pioner Nomex workwear is intrinsically flame-resistant and anti-static and includes Kevlar. The Nomex workwear cargo trouser features the Nomex Comfort fabric, which is hard-wearing but very comfortable to work in. These trousers are ultra-practical with two side pockets, a cargo pocket, two back pockets, knee pad pockets and a rule pocket. These trousers can also be industrially laundered at 60 degrees.

Ballyclare offers a complete range of the highest-quality workwear for the most demanding operating scenarios.

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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