Laundering your workwear

Why launder your workwear

The working environment can leave its mark on workwear, firefighter suits and protective clothing by way of smoke particles, oil, dirt or greasy deposits. Any protective clothing or workwear that is left in this unclean state is unsafe. In the case of high visibility workwear the bright colours and reflective tape can become dulled, making the garments ultimately unlawful. With firefighting uniforms the removal of decontaminants is imperative to ensure it is fit for purpose and suitable for reuse.

Expert cleaning and care is essential to ensure your garments retain their protective attributes, keeping your workforce safe and extending the lifespan of the workwear.

Berendsen logo - Ballyclare Limited We work with our laundry partner Berendsen to train their operatives to ensure your garments get the best after-care available. Our business process and systems are tightly integrated with those of our partners to enable us to provide a seamless service encompassing cleaning, inspection, repair and delivery/collection of PPE.

How the process works and the Ballyclare Standard

Ballyclare Limited Standard - Berendsen partnership

Trust the Team - Short Film

Our short film also features the laundry partnership we have with Berendsen who work with us to deliver a managed service, which encompasses a laundry service, for firefighters' kit across the country. 



Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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