W.L. Gore and Associates (UK) Limited, renowned for their GORE-TEX® workwear garments and WINDSTOPPER® workwear garments, work with Ballyclare Limited where we design specialised garments for working in extreme conditions. Our protective clothing and industrial workwear Gore ranges are trusted by organisations such as Network Rail and Fire and Rescue Services across the UK. Clothing made with GORE-TEX® Fabrics is waterproof to protect against the wet and rain – even after repeated laundering.

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GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Thermal Coverall

£169.75 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Bomber Jacket

£94.26 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Male Hi Vis Waterproof Thermal Jacket

£107.69 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Female Hi Vis Waterproof Thermal Jacket

£104.51 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket

£102.41 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Male Hi Vis Waterproof Trouser

£67.76 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis 3 layer Salopettes

£102.99 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Thermal Salopette

£99.56 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Female Hi Vis Waterproof Trouser

£67.76 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Hood

£18.50 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket

£60.00 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Waterproof Trousers

£30.00 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Hi Vis Quilted Boilersuit

£148.14 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Yellow Waterproof Hi Vis Hooded Jacket

£100.56 ex. vat


GORE-TEX® Yellow Waterproof Hi Vis Trousers

£64.89 ex. vat


Low Safety Boots

£113.11 ex. vat


High Safety Boots

£117.13 ex. vat


High Safety Combat Boots

£83.54 ex. vat

GORE-TEX® and Ballyclare are two of the most renowned names in workwear that defies the weather and allows operators to keep working comfortably no matter what the elements throw at them. You can be sure you’re getting the most robust, high quality garments that are available.

GORE-TEX® workwear fabrics are made by W.L. Gore and Associates (UK) Limited, famous for kitting out everyone from mountaineers to round the world yachtsmen and women. Ballyclare and Gore have a firm partnership, in which they collaborate to produce high technology workwear for operators in all industries, and in the emergency services.

Gore and Ballyclare both represent pioneering technological development, high performance and robust materials. When they join together to produce protective workwear, operators can be sure that they are being given best in class protection at work.

Through their close partnership, Ballyclare and Gore are able to develop technically advanced garments which are specifically designed for extreme working conditions.

Ballyclare GORE-TEX® workwear continues this proud tradition, with high quality, breathable fabrics for operators who have to keep going under the most adverse conditions.

Fire and Rescue Services and the Environment Agency are often seen working together in floods or extreme conditions, and GORE-TEX® overalls are the choice for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Hi-vis jackets, overtrousers and bomber jackets are all available, and the range extends to salopettes with a three layer GORE-TEX® laminate. These GORE-TEX® overalls are incredibly durable, even in the most demanding environments.

The GORE-TEX® workwear includes the ultimate waterproof boiler suit with GORE-SEAM® Tape to provide waterproofing that can exceed the EN 14360 Protective Clothing Against Rain test. We also stock a high-vis hooded jacket as well.

Sometimes, operators need workwear for dry but cold and windy conditions. GORE-TEX® Protective clothing meets this test too. GORE WINDSTOPPER® is a Performance III fabric. The short sleeve top has panels of the GORE WINDSTOPPER® fabric which sit over major muscle groups to help protect operators against chill and muscle cramps in cold weather.

The same GORE-TEX® protective clothing also comes in a long-sleeved top and in base shorts. All of these garments can be washed at 60 degrees, so they’re ideal for operations in which workers have been exposed to hazards that require hot washing.

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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