Xenon Yorkshire Structural Firefighter Clothing

Code: FIR470

Our XENON Yorkshire structural firefighter suits are worn across the Yorkshire and Humberside region in the UK. The three layer construction provides excellent protection against heat and flame, while delivering outstanding tensile strength.

Download FIR470 Data Sheet 

  • This structural fire kit is manufactured in a 205 gsm 58% Para-Aramid / 40% PBI / 2% Beltron fabric with reinforced Kevlar elbow and knee sections for additional protection
  • The lightweight fabric combination provides barriers against heat and quickly moves moisture away from the wearer. This, coupled with the unique 3D structure in the moisture barrier increases the movement of air throughout the suit providing firefighters with maximum breathability and comfort
  • The construction and placements of spacers also improves the breathability of the suit and air flow, reducing the risk of steam burns and heat stress
  • To significantly increase the visibility of firefighters in dark conditions we included the world’s first fire retardant and fully launderable phosphorescent tape in the design
  • Another key benefit of the suits is their rugged and reliable construction, allowing them to withstand a rigorous cleaning and maintenance regime without losing their protective qualities.
  • Approved to the standard for firefighter clothing EN469 (Protective clothing for firefighters. Performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighting activities)
  • Meets the standards for protective clothing EN ISO 13688 (Protective Clothing - General requirements)
  • Download the XENON Yorkshire FIR470 & FIR471 Datasheet >>