Xenon Yorkshire Rescue Multi-function Rescue Jacket

Code: BFR408

Our XENON Yorkshire multi-functional rescue jacket is worn across North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Humberside in the UK. The new orange/red colour makes them suitable for use in both fire-related and rail applications. The colour meets the requirements of RIS-3279 -TOM – a high visibility standard which applies to the UK rail industry, and ensures rail workers on or near the trackside are sufficiently visible to trains or any other approaching traffic.

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  • Product code: BFR408
  • 230 gsm 40% modacrylic / 37% viscose FR / 22% regenerated viscose / 1% anti-static fabric with cut-and-puncture protection
  • For this customer and product we use a GORE-TEX moisture barrier with CROSSTECH® Product Technology as it was deemed the best and most advanced option available for comfort and breathability in this application
  • The protective properties of the inherently flame retardant fabric mean it won’t degrade over time or be affected by repeated washing cycles. This maintains a high level of protection for the wearer and extends the operating life of the jackets considerably
  • To significantly increase the visibility of firefighters in dark conditions we included the world’s first fire retardant and fully launderable phosphorescent tape in the design
  • Approved to EN 15614: 2007 A1 + A2 (Protective clothing for firefighters - laboratory test methods and performance requirements for wildland clothing), BS EN 20471: 2013 Class 3 Jacket (High visibility warning clothing for professional use - test methods and requirements), EN 343:2019 Class 4:4 (Protective clothing. Protection against rain), Railway Industry Standard RIS-3279-TOM so this jacket can be worn in trackside and on-track environments
  • Meets the standards for protective clothing EN ISO 13688:2013 (Protective Clothing - General requirements)
  • This is a rescue suit and not designed for structural fire situations. Therefore the standard for firefighter clothing EN469 (Protective clothing for firefighters. Performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighting activities) does not apply