Xenon Wales Structural Firefighter Clothing

Code: FIR370

Our XENON WALES structural firefighter suits are worn across the three regions in Wales, UK. The ergonomic design that Ballyclare's XENON fire kit is renowned for has been evolved.

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  • This structural fire kit is manufactured in a 205 gsm 59% Paramid /40% PBI / 1% Anti-Static fabric with reinforced Kevlar elbow and knee sections for additional protection. 
  • The VizLite Dual Technology combines two technologies, retro-reflectivity and photo luminescence. Retro Reflective tape returns light to its source. Photo luminescence crystals absorb UV energy that is emitted as a light source in low light or zero light conditions. VizLite Dual Technology delivers unique extra layer of visibility to a Hi Visibility garment, giving the wearer 3 levels of protection –Fluorescence, Reflectivity and Phosphorescence.
  • Approved to the standard for firefighter clothing EN469 (Protective clothing for firefighters. Performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighting activities)
  • Meets the standards for protective clothing EN ISO 13688 (Protective Clothing - General requirements)