XENON FLEX structural outer layer

Code: BFR385

Part of the XENON range, a layered rescue and structural fire kit. The high visibility multi-function jacket is suited for external firefighting and rescue activities carried out during emergency response and training operations. The two layer garment is approved to wildland requirements, with the highest levels of waterproofness and breathability. The addition of a lightweight outer tunic worn over the rescue jacket provides full EN469 structural protection.

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  • Product codes: BFR384 / BFR385 
  • The XENON FLEX multi-function jacket is designed and manufactured in 275 gsm 60% modacrylic / 40% cotton including anti-static fabric with GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® Flameliner. GORE® CROSSTECH® Flameliner construction for fire protection clothing is in accordance with firefighter clothing EN469 performance level 1.
  • The XENON FLEX structural outer layer is manufactured in 195 gsm 75% Nomex / 23% Kevlar / 2% Anti-Static fabric
  • Structural outer layer when worn with the technical rescue jacket beneath is approved to the standard for firefighter clothing EN469 (Protective clothing for firefighters. Performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighting activities), EN 15614 (Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials. Welding procedure test. Arc and gas welding of steels and arc welding of nickel and nickel alloys) and the safety standard for hi vis clothing EN ISO 20471 (High visibility clothing — Test methods and requirements)
  • Meets the standards for protective clothing EN ISO 13688 (Protective Clothing - General requirements)
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