Behind the Seams with Lauren

Published: Wednesday, 21st February 2018

This article is part of our Behind the Seams campaign - showcasing the great work our colleagues across the business do to help make Ballyclare a success. Today we meet Lauren who works in our Customer Services team.


Lauren Behind the Seams - Ballyclare LimitedWhen it comes to keeping customers satisfied, few people are more practised than Lauren. Her role as Customer Service Coordinator at Ballyclare’s Stockport headquarters keeps her busy dealing with fire and rescue services who frequently need urgent assistance, and it brings its fair share of pressure for Lauren.

“We operate the managed service system for our fire customers, and our role is basically to keep them supplied with all the kit they need, and at all times,” she explains. “We have to monitor garments that require laundering or replacement, or which are damaged, and we frequently receive requests from customers who need replacement garments urgently. They will contact us, either online by our ExtraServe system or via our dedicated phone line, and place their requests. We then have to respond instantly and alert our Service team so they can withdraw garments from our pool stock and deliver them to the customer within just two hours.”

Lauren is quite clear about the key to dealing with the pressures of the job: “It’s all down to teamwork,” she says. “I’m part of a team of three. We work very closely together, and we have to ensure we communicate with each other clearly and effectively. We each have to know the Ballyclare product range in detail so we can maintain proper records, as that’s the only way to deal with all the requests we receive and keep the customers satisfied.”

Happily, the response of customers to the service which Lauren and the team provide makes it clear that they do a valuable job and they do it well. “We build up relationships with customers, particularly those we deal with by phone, and they seem to appreciate what we do. I don’t know of another manufacturer who provides the same high level of managed service and support as we do!”

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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