for mechanics and technicians

We have a range of general workwear and work clothing for motor trade mechanics that are as comfortable as they are functional, as they are durable. A protective clothing range that keeps your automotive technicians safe and protected at work and enables you to present a consistent image to your customers. We work with several mainstream motor brands and supply their mechanics coveralls, work jackets and trousers. We also are the only UK suppliers of the Orcon® CAPTURE workwear range; a range for style, comfort, functionality and safety.


Orcon Duo Softshell Jacket 'Anthony'

£46.34 ex. vat


Orcon Duo Water Resistant Coat 'Troy'

£65.39 ex. vat


Workwear Sweatshirt

£8.84 ex. vat


Workwear Polo Shirt

£7.74 ex. vat


Orcon Duo Jacket 'Demitri'

£54.82 ex. vat


Orcon Trouser 'Daniel'

£30.02 ex. vat


Orcon Trouser with Extra Pocket 'Roger'

£36.00 ex. vat


Orcon Shorts 'Andrew'

£27.59 ex. vat


Orcon Bib and Brace 'George'

£56.00 ex. vat


Orcon Duo Bib and Brace 'Russell'

£56.30 ex. vat


Orcon Duo Polo Shirt 'Aaron'

£32.70 ex. vat


Orcon Duo T-Shirt 'Vincent'

£25.00 ex. vat


Orcon Duo Sweatshirt 'Ronald'

£39.27 ex. vat


Orcon Duo Polosweater 'Joe'

£39.27 ex. vat


Orcon Belt 'Andreas'

£20.20 ex. vat

Ballyclare is one of the UK's leading suppliers of workwear clothing. We specialise in providing a wide variety of industries with high quality uniforms at affordable prices. We handle all aspects of the production process from the design and manufacture through to the distribution of our highly functional workwear. We also offer protective clothing and specialist PPE.

Our knowledge and experience in the sector is unmatched, allowing us to provide you with the very best in protective workwear, whether you want to buy one pair of work pants or invest in clothing for your entire workforce. We produce specialist clothing for the armed forces and emergency services and we are equipped to manage orders quickly and efficiently, no matter how many garments you need.

In addition to producing high quality specialist workwear clothing, Ballyclare also provides a range of other essential services including leasing, repairs and laundering to ensure that we offer a one-stop shop for all of your workwear needs.

Our comprehensive collection of workwear essentials appeals to a broad spectrum of professionals including firefighters, builders, mechanics, medical workers and the military.

We stock a large selection of work pants that include everything from chef trousers, fire retardant protective structural firefighting trousers and high-vis waterproofs through to cold-weather trousers and they come in a range of sizes to cater to everyone.

Our work polo shirts help you to put together an entire uniform, together with our t-shirts for ambulance workers, high-vis tops for builders and engineers as well as flame retardant shirts for anyone working in an industry where fire is a hazard.

The workwear jackets at Ballyclare are also popular, with everyone from firefighters, police and medical workers to chefs, builders, automotive workers and those in the military, not to mention professionals working hands-on in the oil, gas and power sector. We stock a large selection of entire uniforms or you can purchase each item individually, depending on your needs.

The Orcon® CAPTURE range by Ballyclare stands for innovative workwear that meets your highest requirements and standards. We ensure our workwear meets all your needs and is comfortable by taking you, the wearer, very seriously. The workwear range includes coveralls, work trousers, work jackets, polo shirts, long sleeved shirts and sweatshirts.

Orcon® CAPTURE is designed by a designer very familiar with the workwear market, and is tested by a user panel. The result is an innovative range of workwear with exactly the right materials, design and fit. Just like our other ranges, Orcon® CAPTURE showcases the quality we demand across all our products.

The Orcon® CAPTURE Quality workwear range is designed together with users, for professional clothing at an affordable price. Triple stitched seams for extra strength and practical details such as user-friendly pockets and good laundering.

The Orcon® CAPTURE PROtective workwear range brings together comfort, style and safety. The certified clothing meets all the most recent European safety standards, and offers protection against acids, fire and flames, among other hazards. With triple stitched seam for extra strength.

Together, the various Orcon Workwear ranges provide a deep and broad collection from which combinations can be formed from the various collection components. Our workwear stands out for its functionality, comfort, protective qualities and robustness.

Orcon Workwear, the best for you.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are on-hand to answer any questions about our entire range. Our workwear clothing is not only comfortable and durable but can also be heat resistant and flame-retardant. Contact us now and talk us through your requirements and let us help you to find the best quality workwear.

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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