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Ballyclare Limited supplies ambulance uniforms and workwear for paramedics and emergency workers. In this line of work you have to be ready for anything and our range of ambulance clothing is just the job. Our ambulance safety wear allows you and your team to be comfortable yet protected at work. Hi vis and soft shell jackets that can be worn over fleeces, sweatshirts, t-shirts, embroidered collared shirts and trousers. Our ambulance uniforms can be personalised with your company name and logos which help provide your team with a consistent corporate look.


Unisex Ambulance Shirt Green (Embroidered)


Unisex Ambulance Shirt Green

£22.58 ex. vat


Female Ambulance Trousers

£33.33 ex. vat


Male Ambulance Trousers

£32.97 ex. vat


Unisex Ambulance Shirt White

£20.88 ex. vat


Ambulance Hi Vis Softshell Jacket

£101.40 ex. vat


Ambulance Hi Vis Bomber Jacket

£155.47 ex. vat


Unisex Ambulance Softshell Jacket

£49.48 ex. vat


Ambulance Fleece Jacket

£17.91 ex. vat


Male Ambulance Pilot Shirt White

£16.88 ex. vat


Female Ambulance Pilot Shirt White

£17.91 ex. vat


Ambulance Hi Vis Long Sleeve Vest

£7.50 ex. vat


Green Beanie Hat

£1.93 ex. vat


Anti-static Low Work Boots

£15.19 ex. vat


Ambulance Utility Belt

£15.77 ex. vat

Ballyclare are one of the leading suppliers of ambulance uniforms in the UK and we pride ourselves on selling only the highest quality uniforms and accessories. In the high-stress environment in which ambulance crews and paramedics work, it is essential for the uniform to be practical, durable and designed to present a professional image, even in the difficult circumstances in which these health-care experts work. At Ballyclare, both our ambulance uniforms and our paramedic uniforms are smart, comfortable and hard-wearing.

Our hi-vis jackets come in a range of designs that are suitable for all seasons, with a choice of soft-shell or heavier duty materials. A necessary component in both ambulance uniforms and paramedic uniforms, our hi-vis wear is compatible with either EN ISO 20471: Class 3 or BS EN471: 2003 Class 3 and will ensure that the wearer is easily visible whilst working.

Pilot shirts are available in both white and green and can be ordered with or without embroidery. Shirts are also available in male/female styles or in the practical unisex design, ensuring flexibility within the standard uniform. Also available are men’s' and ladies' trousers, both of which are made with a hard wearing polyester/cotton mix and come unheeded, allowing them to be taken up to the exact requirements of the crew member (a hemming kit is included). Trousers have a double belt loop, two zipped side vent pockets and further cargo pockets that are Velcro-fastened for ease of access.

For colder months, we have available a 100% polyester fleece made with anti-pilling fabric that will help to keep the fleece looking smart in the toughest of environments, or a sweatshirt that is a cotton/polyester mix. Both items have elasticated waists and cuffs to ensure that the wearer can still move around equipment safely.

Also available within this range are anti-static work boots, which are designed to offer both comfort and durability whilst dissipating accumulation of static electricity from the body and preventing damage to sensitive medical equipment. The boots are equipped with a steel toe-cap and for added comfort, they have a shock-absorber heel that helps minimise strain on the joints.

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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