New Contract Reinforces Ballyclare’s Standing in the Rail Sector

Published: Monday, 9th July 2018

Ballyclare’s dominant position as a rail sector workwear supplier has recently been highlighted by the company’s success in winning yet another major contract to supply Network Rail. This is the third such contact which Ballyclare has secured from Network Rail and it illustrates the tremendous range of garments which the company offers to its rail industry customers.  


The company used its appearance at the 2018 Rail Live exhibition to display the breadth of its rail offering, and this latest success with Network Rail took centre stage. The company displayed the new range of male and female-fit hi-vis polycotton garments which are covered by the new contract, and these included industrially launderable jackets, cargo trousers, polos, T-shirts, fleeces, bodywarmers, safety vests, coveralls and base layers.


Ballyclare has traditionally worked very closely with a variety of rail sector end-users in order to identify their specific workwear needs. This allowed the company to create new hi-vis polycotton garments which not only satisfied their requirements but which also met the stringent specifications which Network Rail demand of their workwear.


During the tender process, Ballyclare was carefully assessed in relation to many different areas, including garment design and quality, technical details and commercial performance, while both laundry and wearer trials were also completed successfully. Ballyclare was able to satisfy these and many other requirements and create a range which offers multiple leg lengths and size options for maximum comfort, along with improved fit, female fit choices, better performance and greater value for money.


Previous success

“This latest garment range actually represents the third such Network Rail success we’ve achieved,” explains Roger Foster, Ballyclare’s Sales & Marketing Director.  “We’ve been supplying them with our waterproof foul-weather garments for some time, as well as flame-retardant and arc-protection clothing for more demanding and hazardous tasks. That gives a clear indication of the understanding we have of the needs of rail industry customers.”


Ballyclare’s innovative, multi-hazard protection wear is the only range of high visibility garments that are fully waterproof and breathable, flame retardant, anti-static and which offer electric arc protection, but which also meet the Railway Industry Standard, RIS-3279-TOM. “No matter what someone’s rail industry role may be, Ballyclare has the rail-compliant garments they need to keep them covered,” adds Roger Foster. “Right from next-to-skin garments through to fleeces and hi vis outer garments designed for dangerous applications and hazardous trackside environments., we can provide whatever is needed.”


Quality is a key characteristic of Ballyclare’s rail workwear, with the waterproof and foul-weather items being a prime example. Every garment is manufactured using the latest materials, allowing it to provide the ultimate in waterproof performance and breathability. The company has also created a strong partnership with W.L. Gore and Associates who are pioneers in waterproof, windproof and breathable textiles, and this allows Ballyclare to offer the very best GORE-TEX® products that provide outstanding protection, even against the worst weather conditions.  The company invests considerable energy into sourcing the best fabrics and most innovative technology available, and this is always done with a keen emphasis on using those fabrics and technologies to satisfy the specific needs its rail customers have.


Ballyclare’s rail industry credentials are also supported by the company’s accreditation from Achilles, under the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme. This scheme enables rail industry customers to check that prospective suppliers have the relevant qualifications and experience before they are invited to participate in a tendering exercise. The company is also a British Safety Industry Federation Registered Safety Supplier.


The depth of Ballyclare’s understanding of rail customer requirements is also perfectly illustrated by the change which took place last year from the Railway Group Standard GO/RT 3279, to the new Rail Industry Standard RIS-3279-TOM. Ballyclare was able to reassure its customers – well ahead of the change being implemented - that it would have absolutely no effect on the Ballyclare garments they were wearing. All Ballyclare garments that were certified to GO/RT 3279 were automatically compliant with the new standard, and this highlighted the fact that rather than simply meeting current rail industry standards, Ballyclare workwear frequently exceeds them.

(Original article appearered in the Rail Supplies Directory)

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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