Ballyclare meets all the needs of modern firefighting

Published: Thursday, 27th November 2014

Firefighter - Ballyclare LimitedThe days of a firefighter approaching every operational situation wearing a wool jacket and PVC leggings are long gone. Today they are protected by specialist Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clothing that is specially developed for the task at hand.

With a heritage that stretches back over decades, Ballyclare has been at the forefront of the development of high performance bespoke garments that are designed specifically for every operational environment including structural fires, USAR, water rescue and wildland firefighting. The company has developed an unrivalled range of specialist protective clothing solutions that is backed up by a national service network that provides first class care and maintenance.

Ballyclare’s structural fire suits combine innovative design with the most technically advanced fabrics available today.  The company works in partnership with fire and rescue services to continuously evaluate performance and ensure that garments are designed to meets the specific needs of each customer.  This results in structural firefighting suits that provide the highest levels of protection and comfort and will stand up to the day to day rigours of firefighting.

The record levels of flooding in the UK earlier this year illustrate the need for specialist waterproof clothing. Ballyclare’s range of waterproof suits are designed to protect firefighters in foul weather and incorporate high performance waterproof, breathable fabrics to ensure comfort and performance.

USAR operations require high protection and durability and the company’s two piece USAR delivers this, along with additional protection from blood pathogens and common chemicals.

When it comes to the unique operational needs of wildland firefighting, Ballyclare’s one piece single layer coverall combines lightweight flame protection with comfort and high visibility, allowing the firefighter to work safely for longer and reducing the risk of heat stress.

This extensive range of product solutions is backed by a commitment to support customers with the highest standards of service.  Ballyclare operates a national network of facilities in Livingston, Stockport, Barnsley and Uxbridge, providing customer support and care and maintenance.

There are significant statutory obligations related to the management of PPE.  Any fire and rescue service that is not able to clearly demonstrate robust tracking and tracing systems for the issue, use, maintenance, repair and replacement of PPE issued to their employees is at risk of prosecution by the HSE in the event of an injury to a firefighter.

Ballyclare’s unique tracking and tracing system uses state of the art barcode technology to ensure that every single item of PPE is closely monitored – from top to toe.  This means that full garment history is accurately maintained and readily available. The provision of detailed analysis of PPE maintenance allows customers to accurately forecast their needs and budget accordingly.

Customers have total confidence and peace of mind that firefighters are properly protected, that their kit is professionally maintained and ‘fit for purpose’ and that the Fire and Rescue services are fully compliant with PPE regulatory requirements.

The company’s high standards of care can extend the operational lifespan of garments, increasing the return on investment and delivering efficiency savings for fire and rescue services.

Carlton Greener, Managing Director, Ballyclare Limited, said: “We have developed an extensive portfolio of specialist high performance garments that protect firefighters across the wide range operational challenges that they face.

“Our team has decades of experience and understanding of firefighting and we continue to work in close partnership with brigades to research and innovate new PPE solutions that will protect tomorrow’s firefighter.”

Ballyclare holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of Specialist Fire Protective Clothing By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen through supplying firefighting suits to the Windsor Castle Fire Service.

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